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Job Vision is a full-service employment agency for the food industry and logistics services

Job Vision

Job Vision is a full-service employment agency for the food industry and logistics services. Specialized in employing both Dutch and Eastern European employees. With our in house recruiters and the help of a rich database of enthusiastic job seekers. If it’s well-qualified staff you seek fast, Job Vision is your select partner!

An introduction

Job Vision maintains a close relationship with its clients and is very experienced in the food industry and logistics services. This provides us with the knowledge and strength needed to respond accurately and adequately to the rapidly changing circumstances within your organization.

If you choose to work with Job Vision, your permanent account manager will oversee most of the daily personnel matters. He or she is fully aware of the rules and protocols within your organization and will be in direct contact with your human resources department and our recruiters.

Weekly employee schedules. Meetings with your personnel and production departments. Motivational and performance discussions with temporary workers. Your account manager is the spider in the web. And you will be completely unburdened!

Temporary workers from Eastern European countries

Employees from Eastern Europe are the new normal in the food and logistics industries. With an ever increasing amount of employers that employ foreign workers. Our recruiters are in close contact with enthusiastic people from Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Latvia among others. These are extremely motivated people wanting to live and work in the Netherlands.

Recruitment and selection of people from Eastern European countries ... A very familiar area for us. We recruit and select only the best candidates before sending them to Dutch production companies. The result from many years of experience, and recruiters from and in the relevant countries, we know how to recruit and select the right candidates.

Employees are selected on the basis of motivation, personality and competences. As a rule, we select people who are motivated to build a life in the Netherlands. As a result, our candidates are prepared and guided for successful employment. You are therefore offered a future-oriented solution by highly reliable permanent employees.

Job Vision considers it important that people succeed! With the right employer. With the right job. We organize and undertake of all additional matters, such as housing, transport and training. Thanks to our care and coaching method, our temporary workers are extremely reliable and motivated. They radiate this in the workplace but of course also to people from their original home country.

The daily attendance is almost guaranteed. With extremely low absenteeism and high productivity as a positive result.

Quality, reliability and certifications

JobVision carries the quality mark of Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA) and thus meets the requirements set within the NEN 4400-1 standard. This means that our temporary workers are allowed to work in the Netherlands, that  personnel administration is in order and that we pay taxes and social insurance contributions on time.

Job Vision is also an ABU member (General Bond Temporary Employment Agencies), the trade association of temporary employment agencies. This means that we have been registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) and have a Wage Tax Sector Connection decision from the tax authorities. It also means that we have everything in order to work with foreign employees.

Regardless of the requirements, Job Vision considers it important to take good care of them with favorable working conditions such as certified housing (SNF), provide safe transportation (our own fleet), clear contracts and (health) insurance. Job Vision guides temporary workers in their own language or in English and offers the opportunity to learn Dutch.

That's why Job Vision

  • Family business, active for 20 years in 2020.
  • Fully certified: 100% certainty!
  • You are appointed your own point account manager; we keep it personal!
  • Deployment of foreign workers with experience and expertise.
  • Respect for employees is paramount!
  • No language barrier; speaking the Dutch and / or English language
  • Intensive guidance by our management team for housing and transportation.
  • Very low absenteeism and minimal staff turnover.
  • Sister company cleaning company Respect Cleaning BV, also specialized in the food processing industry.
  • Extremely competitive rates!


Simona Diciunaite

"My name is Simona. Since 2018 I have been working as a recruiter at Job Vision. I was born and raised in Lithuania. I take this advantage into my daily work. I understand the culture, speak the language and understand really well why people like to come to The Netherlands and work here. As a recruiter I am enthusiastic about working closely with with people. I am a real people person. I want to help people in their search for a suitable job and to build a life in the Netherlands."

Our latest news

A new website

Recently we’ve launched our new website. We have not yet published any news items.

Datum: 18 July 2020